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Huawei denies patent theft and asks to sue Rui Pedro Oliveira


Huawei denies patent theft and asks to sue Rui Pedro Oliveira

Previously we gave the case which Rui Pedro Oliveira opposed to the world's second largest smartphone maker, Huawei. Addressing the controversy over the alleged theft of a patent from a camera for smartphones, belonging to the businessman and Portuguese inventor of 45 years, born in Porto.

Now, Huawei has retaliated, denying the charge of patent theft and arrogating to the right of legal defense.

The Chinese technology is accused of stealing a patent belonging to the businessman from Porto. However, the brand has already pronounced, first by the channel global. However, he has also made statements to Pplware, opposing the issue of which she is accused, as well as invoking the right of defense.

Huawei denies allegations of patent theft

It should also be remembered that the whole case was first exposed by an exclusive publication Fstoppers, having subsequently had international repercussions. Therefore, Pplware has also asked the Portuguese subsidiary for a comprehensive explanation of the case. It is one of the most recent controversies.

Meanwhile, the Portuguese branch of Chinese technology has already responded to Pplware. There he rejected allegations of infringement of intellectual property. In other words, it runs counter to allegations of patent theft that legally protects the camera for smartphones developed by Rui Pedro Oliveira.

Concerning the intellectual property in question (document), it was approved by the USPTO, now enjoying full legal protection in the United States of America. In addition, your design is already protected by the same mechanism in the competent US body.

Rui Pedro Oliveira and his camera for smartphones

In the statement sent to Pplware, Huawei affirms its strong record of respect for intellectual property rights. Then, responding to the allegations of theft, ensures that the Huawei EnVizion 360 was entirely developed by the R & D department.

In addition, it specifies that the product was created by its team in China. Thus, the smartphone maker denies the charge of design copy made by Rui Pedro Oliveira. Or even “iwith any type of patents related to the US“. As you can read in the technology release sent to Pplware.

(…) Therefore, we deny the allegations of plagiarism of design made by Rui Pedro Oliveira, or infractions with any type of patents related to the USA. Huawei reserves the right to take legal action in response to false charges.

Finally, Huawei invokes the right to defend itself legally before the charges made, reason why this case may be far from finished. So we will remain attentive to any developments.

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