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Here are the new rules for adding people to WhatsApp groups


Here are the new rules for adding people to WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp is the service most popular instant messaging service worldwide. A position that has conquered over several years thanks to a continuous effort to improve the entire platform with each new update. Now for your app, we have new rules for WhatsApp groups.

From today, you will not have to worry about adding free and unannounced to the various WhatsApp groups.

In fact, the new version of the Android and iOS mobile application is already to implement the new rules. Finally, more than a month after it has begun to be tested, the function now comes to the app for smartphones, among other equipment. Inside, we have, above all, the new rules for groups.

Fed up with being added to WhatsApp groups?

Due to the new update, you will have prior control over adding to WhatsApp groups. Therefore, you can define whether or not you want to be added to new conversation groups. Something that until now happened without the user being had nor found, causing displeasure to some users.

Thus, users today arrive at a set of new rules aimed at preventing this. The indiscriminate addition, and no control to the added chats where it is included. In contrast, with the new rules the company wants to do away with this scourge and for that we now have new options within the app.

groups of WhatsApp rules app

In effect, in the new version the control passes into your hands. Through the app you can define whether or not to be consulted before being integrated into new WhatsApp groups. Incidentally, whenever you receive a new invitation, your confirmation will be necessary. Otherwise, the proposal for membership expires and disappears.

How do I take advantage of the new rules within the app?

It is simple and may save you some discomfort:

  • Open WhatsApp on your device and go to Settings – three dots in the upper right corner
  • From there, under Settings, select the first menu – Account
  • Within the Account options, select Privacy
  • You will now find the Groups menu, select it
  • From here you can define the new rules for adding to WhatsApp groups
The modalities of your choice are as follows:
  • No one – this will prevent all users from adding it without a previous invitation
  • My contacts – only your contacts can add you to a group without previous invitation
  • Anyone – all users can add it to WhatsApp groups without prior invitation

In summary, we have two new options that require a previous invitation, and their acceptance, to be able to add a user to the group chats. Finally, the third option ends up portraying the scenario in force to date, before the app update, being also the most liberal scheme.

The new rules were already being tested in mid-February 2019, now coming to WhatsApp to protect their privacy, also reflecting the pressure from users who have criticized the service.

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