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Halloween Kills will not be an intermediary film according to its producer


Halloween Kills will not be an intermediary film according to its producer

The great success of Halloween of 2018 led to Blumhouse I decided to produce not one, but two more sequels. The first of these, Halloween Kills will arrive in October of this year, while Halloween Ends will follow in 2021. The producer of both, Jason Blum, has talked about the movies and explained that fans should not worry that Halloween Kills It feels like an “intermediary” movie.

In an interview with Gizmodo, Blum was asked about movies that are the second part of a trilogy, where viewers end up feeling they didn't see a full story.

“I was worried about the same thing until I saw her,” he said, “and David (Gordon Green, the director) also worried about that. That it felt like … do you remember The Lord of the Rings? Like you weren't getting (the whole story)? It doesn't feel that way at all. ”

Blum also explained that although Halloween Ends next year will come, Halloween Kills It goes at its own pace. “It feels like a full movie,” he said. “There is a first, second and third act. It has a great ending. You still know where the third movie will go with the end of the second, but it ends in a very satisfactory way. That way you won't feel like, you know, that problem that The Lord of the Rings had. ”

This seems to be something that will end with several concerns on the part of the fans, but it still makes us wonder certain things, especially with the end of Hallooween. The first film in this trilogy ended with Michael Myers trapped by Laurie Strode (Jaime Lee Curtis) and gave the franchise a great sense of purpose, since it finally seemed that Michael would have died once and for all.

With that in mind, these sequels should work to bring Michael Myers back and explain that ending. However, Blum does not seem to be worried about it, since he states that Halloween Kills It's “pretty good.”

On this occasion, Jaime Lee Curtis will return to the film, as well as veterans of the franchise as Kyle Richards, Nancy Stephens Y Charles Cyphers, they will return to play their characters from the original 1978 film. On the other hand, the new faces include Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Longstreet Y Victoria Paige Watkins.

Halloween Kills will hit theaters in October of this yearlie that Halloween Ends will be released in October 2021.

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