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Gugu Liberato's family plans solidarity projects


Gugu Liberato's family plans solidarity projects

Gugu Liberato reproduction Instagram

In November of last year, the dear presenter Gugu Liberato passed away after suffering a domestic accident in his mansion, located in Orlando, United States. The artist died at age 60 and left three children.

+ Dies at 60, presenter Gugu Liberato

Months after the presenter's death, the family plans to continue with Gugu's legacy and honor everything he has ever done in life. As we all know, he always helped a lot of people when he was alive.

According to information provided by journalist Sonia Racy, the artist's family will start solidarity projects under the name of Gugu as a way of paying tribute to him.

The presenter's mother, who received a lot of support at the time of her son's death, and the artist's sister Aparecida Liberato, already had a meeting with the governor of the state of São Paulo João Dória.

According to information, they talked about the project that a tunnel be named Gugu Liberato in the municipality of Mauá.

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Another project, which is under study, is the possibility of creating an institute for people with low income and stimulating entrepreneurship.

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VIP Area Award

In this year of 2020, Área Vip launched the second edition of the Área Vip Award – Best of Media 2019 and presenter Gugu Liberato is among the competitors.

The late presenter is competing in the ‘Best TV presenter 2019’ category, alongside other big names such as Celso Portiolli, Cesar Filho, Luciano Huck and Marcos Mion.

If you haven't voted yet, go to the link and register your vote for your favorite artist, who gave us a lot to talk about this past year. The voting will take place until January 20th.

+ VIP Area Award – Vote for the Best Media in 2019


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