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Google prepares to launch its smartwatch Wear OS


Google prepares to launch its smartwatch Wear OS

Google looking for two new senior executives in its department of wearables to enhance its design as well as its design. We will finally have the first smartwatch or smart watch from Google itself with its operating system Wear OS? The long-awaited alternative to Apple's Watch?

The new listings point in this direction and come to breathe our expectations. Incidentally, in recent weeks, the US technology has also acquired an important technology Fossil to strengthen your Wear OS. However, we have seen other tracks to point in the same direction.

This duo looking for executives of some level was first reported by the portal AndroidPolice which also indicates the description of each of these positions. In common they have one thing, the transportable factor (wearable) of the products on which future hires will work.

Will we finally have an alternative from Google to Apple Watch?

However, it should also be remembered that Google has only one wearable, their smart headphones, Pixel Buds. Therefore, since 2018 without having been considering this possibility, the launch of a smart watch by Google itself. A new alternative to Apple Watch, now with Wear OS.

Given the lukewarm popularity of Wear OS, I think it's unanimous to say that we're all waiting for a smart Google watch. An alternative totally conceived by the technological Mountain view to finally impose itself in this niche market. This requires new minds and a reinforcement of skills.Apple Google smartwatch smart watch Wear OS

Now, I think it's safe to say that Google is taking this market seriously. More specifically, in the face of its latest acquisitions and future hires, it becomes obvious the company's interest in developing a new smartwatch. A perfect parallel to Pixel, now for the niche of wearables.

What is the appeal of a smartwatch or smart watch with Wear OS?

This is the starting point, and ultimate goal for the American giant. At this point it will be difficult to find a consumer who prefers a smart watch with Wear OS over an Apple Watch or Gear, from Samsung.

The first step will be to show the public the advantages, if any, of Wear OS against the main rival platforms, in this case watchOS and Tizen. For this they will need a new intelligent clock which, in turn, will also depend on the maturation of Google's operating system so that it can be well received.

Google Smart Watch Smart Watch OS

A watch that brings together the best of Google on your wrist. The assistant, the services, the integration, the simplicity and sheer convenience. At the same time, it will have to be a successful smartwatch. Without lag, without compromises in the quality of construction, and above all, bring something new to this niche.

The clues have been left by Google itself. However, the public also calls for a watch redeeming Wear Wear. A pure alternative, designed as a response to the rival Apple.

Back to the supposed Pixel Watch. In 2018 rumors were so intense and diverse that Google itself came to the public, denying them. Stating that in 2018 he would not release a smart watch, and indeed did not.

How realistic is this possibility?

However, we are already in the middle of 2019 and the clues begin to point more and more towards this. Having recently invested $ 40 million in a technology of Fossil. I am now hiring new minds with evidence given in the industry. All this while the Wear OS platform lacks a strong appeal.

True, while OS platform or operating system is … good. Pleasant and intuitive, it could be extraordinary. Unfortunately, it suffers with some lag or abrupt slowness, as well as not causing great interest among manufacturers.

There are more questions than answers, that's for sure. But if Google is determined to create its alternative to Apple Watch, it will use the Snapdragon 3100 of Qualcomm. This is perhaps one of the (few) certainties that we can advance without fear of failing the word.

Finally, if I believe in the existence of a Google smartwatch? Yes, definitely, even though it may never become a product as coveted as the media Apple Watch. Knowing the company and its curiosity, 2019 and the next edition of Google I / O can bring us several surprises at the level of hardware and Pixel Watch will be among them.

I think the reader will agree with the great and difficult undertaking awaiting the future executives of this company, because it will not be easy to bring Wear OS (again) into the limelight.

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