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Goat Simulator – Mile High Club Achievement / Guide Trophy

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Goat Simulator – Mile High Club Achievement / Guide Trophy

Goat Simulator – Mile High Club Conquering Guide – Lamba the Suspended Glider.

Goat Simulator Playlist:


This is available in Goat Ville. You will want to start going towards the big yellow crane in the construction area. Once at the top of the stairs, turn right and follow to the end, where you can knock the guy sitting there. Now locate the glider hanging around the map and you will notice that it will come very close to the crane. Time your jump and jump towards him, with the goal of landing on top of him. Once on top, press X to lick and unlock the achievement.

You can also use it back to decrease the time.

Note: Some players may find this easier with the Angel Goat (or double jump), which has a bigger jump.


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