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Giulia Be will open Pentatanix shows in Brazil


Giulia Be will open Pentatanix shows in Brazil

Pentatonix and Giulia Be (Playback / Internet)

The coming of Pentatanix to Brazil is approaching and this last Monday (09), the public group on their official Instagram the dates of the shows in the country.

The capella quintet formed by Scott, Mitch, Kirstin, Kevin and Matt land in the country in October for three Live Nation performances: October 22, in Curitiba, at the Positivo Theater; October 24, in Rio de Janeiro, at Vivo Rio; and October 26, in São Paulo, in Tom Brasil.

The news now is that the singer Giulia Be will open the group's concerts. Giulia Be became nationally known for the hit song “Too Bad”, she is nominated for My Nick Awards 2019 in one category and BreakTudo Awards 2019 in two categories.

Giulia Be's new single is Loose Girl:

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