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Gia became a symbol of female empowerment in Rio Grande do Sul


Gia became a symbol of female empowerment in Rio Grande do Sul

Actress, dancer, singer and businesswoman, the gaucho has taught Cleo Pires, Sabrina Sato and Juliana Paes

Gabriela Chultz always worked with dance and theater. With an actress background from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and Master of Performing Arts emphasizing dances such as hip-hop and other pop arts, the gaucho is currently studying for her doctorate, and is also a researcher in the field.

Gabbi consider art your life. The artist is also an entrepreneur and founded a dance studio next to her husband and partner Marco Rodrigues (My House Group).

In space, Gabbi created a dance mode where it certifies teachers to teach dance classes. “It was a way to pass on knowledge and spread teachers across the country without having to teach in various places,” says the artist.

Sensual Hip Dance

The sensual hip dance is a dance practice created and patented by Gabriela that became well known and attracted the attention of famous. Gabbi taught classes to celebrities such as Sabrina Sato, Cleo Pires, Juliana Paes. They met her through videos of the gaucho in the networks. “It's a dance that works the twerk and hip movement in this pop, hip hop and trap music footprint. And also working on the issue of female unity and empowerment. ”

Gia's Emergence

“The urge to get into the music business was an old idea of ​​creating my own beats, lyrics and songs and with the established Sensual Hip Dance would be the time to take that step.”

(Photo: Disclosure / Black Comunicação)

Gabbi She went the other way, as a dance and theater artist, and even performed in London, then began singing lessons and the writing process. Like this, Gabbi Chultz took on the stage name of Gia and has been performing around the country.

“I started contact with influential people in the middle of music, including the music producer Guto U GOT War Studio and we decided to do four songs on this first project called 'My pleasure' which were produced at the beginning of the year and in November we released 'What do you want from me'. ”

Check out the clip of “What do you want from me”:

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