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Get Exotic Weapon LMG Guide – Division 2

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Get Exotic Weapon LMG Guide – Division 2

The Division 2 has started with the invasion of DC, Tidal Basin, and many players are exploring the city of Washington to find the most powerful weapons in the game.

Among these booties, are the new exotic weapons of the game, and a very special the new LMG or Light Machine Gun Pestilencia.

If you want to know where to find the new exotic LMG Pestilencia in The Division 2  and what you must do to get it, you must pay attention to everything we tell you in this guide.

The Division 2: how to get the light machine gun Pestilence

The Light Machine Gun or LMG Pestilencia is an easy weapon to obtain, that will not entail many efforts if you remain attentive to our guide.

This new exotic weapon can be found in the dark areas of the game, we do not need to visit the three we have available, but we can get it in just one of them, we just need some time and luck.

The light machine gun is achieved when we defeat the bosses with the name of the black fang, which appear in the dark areas of the game.

We have to go to these areas, clean them of enemies and defeat one of these bosses to let drop the weapon.

The most recommendable areas to find them are in the emblematic places, which are represented with a purple fist on the map.

Although we can also find a boss patrolling the dark area and also can drop the weapon to defeat them.

Not always that we defeat one of these bosses will release the machine gun , so we just have to get away a little and in about 15 minutes the boss will appear again and we will have another chance to drop the exotic weapon.

Occasionally, it may happen that the chiefs drop us Pestilencia, but that this contaminated.

In order to use it, all we have to do is take it to one of the extraction zones in the dark zone and we can use our new legendary light machine gun.

Statistics of light machine gun Pestilence

The LMG is a weapon designed especially for the combat PvP between players.

Some qualify it as a bad weapon, since it does little damage(between 4,000 and 5,000) and has low rate of play (550 RPM).

But it has some special abilities that make it a very useful weapon.

His first ability is called Plague of the rejected, is that when an enemy receives 20 shots and falls, will release a toxic cloud that deals 200% damage to all enemiesaround.

In addition, those within this cloud have a 50% reduction in healing.

If we use it in PvP combat and we finish with our enemy inside the toxic cloud, it will die directly,without the possibility of being revived.

Another skill is that as long as we have the equipped weapon we will have 20% extra armor for 5 seconds if we are burned, blind or any other altered state.

You already have all the steps to get the new exotic light machine gun Pestilencia in The Division 2, so you do not miss one of the most important weapons in the game. Good luck!

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