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Get Corium and Titans Location Guide – Anthem

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Get Corium and Titans Location Guide – Anthem

This guide will show you how to get the rare Corium material from Titans and know the location of Titans in Anthem video game.

Titans are a sort of adversaries in Anthem. They’re very extensive and hard to manage except if you’re a team.

They drop an uncommon material called corium, which is required for making a portion of the further developed gear and weapons.

A great deal of players are attempting to get it, however can’t discover enough titans.

That is the reason we’ve composed this guide, to demonstrate to you a bunch of Anthem titan areas, which should enable you to get corium and specialty the ideal things.

Titans Location – Anthem

The principal, most evident answer is free play. Titans are regularly experienced as bosses in world events.

Tragically, the world events are randomized, so there’s no chance to tell where the one with the titan will be straightaway.

This is a decent method to get the materials in case you’re doing it in passing, in any case, in case you’re on a devoted chase, there are better alternatives.

There’s a mission called Triple Threat, which includes a few titans. The one was accessible in the VIP demo prior this month.

You can begin the mission by conversing with either Dex or Matthias, contingent upon what you picked at a before point.

In case you’re experiencing difficulty crushing the titans once you’ve discovered them, we recommend changing over to a storm javelin.

Notwithstanding while playing solo, it has an extraordinary favorable position over different classes on account of its capacity to float.

The titan’s most grounded assault is an undulating wave of flame which must be gotten away by flying over it.

Any specialists utilizing the storm suit here will almost certainly simply suspend and spam the poor charlatan with long range assaults until it drops.

It has some awful fireballs and such, yet those can be effectively sidestepped, particularly in the event that you utilize the surroundings to your advantage.

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