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George Miller defended the superhero movies: “Everything is cinema”


George Miller defended the superhero movies: “Everything is cinema”

I see them all“. With those words, the director George miller (Mad Max: Fury Road) addressed the debate about whether or not superhero movies are cinema, based on Martin Scorsese's assessment of the production of Marvel Studios.

To be honest, in terms of this debate, cinema is cinema and it is a fairly broad church. The test, in short, is what it means to the audience. There is a great phrase that I saw and that applies to everything we do. It was from Swahili storytellers. Every time they finish a story, they say: The story has been told, if it was bad, it was my cult because I am telling stories. If it was good, they belong to everyone“Miller said in conversation with Deadline.

It is a mistake and a kind of arrogance to dismiss or label as cunning marketing a movie if it is doing well in the collection. There is something else happening there and it is our obligation as stories tell to try to really understand“He explained.

In that line, George Miller stressed that you can not segment the cinema, or other types of art, nor can it be sustained if something is more significant than the rest, since that is not the point that should exist in the artistic discussion.

For me, everything is cinema. I don't think you can't send them to the ghetto and say: this is cinema or that is cinema. It is something that applies to all arts, literature, acting arts, painting and music, in all its forms. It is such a broad spectrum, such a wide range and to say that any one is more significant or important than the other, is to lose the point. It is a great mosaic and each part Suits in it“, The director finished.

In the past, George Miller had everything ready to lead Justice League Mortal in 2009, but Warner Bros. dismissed the idea at the last minute.

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