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Friend of Frida Kahlo denies that audio presented is the voice of the artist


Friend of Frida Kahlo denies that audio presented is the voice of the artist

An alleged audio of Frida Kahlo, reading a text she wrote for her husband, the muralist Diego Rivera, generates doubts in Mexico, where a painter who knew her rejected that it corresponds to the famous artist.

Last Wednesday, the Mexican Ministry of Culture reported that it analyzes what would be the only audio of Kahlo that is known, recently found in the archives of a radio announcer of the 1950s.

But nevertheless, Rina Lazo, a Guatemalan painter based in Mexico who lived with Kahlo for years, rejected the fact that the voice heard in the audio is that of Frida, who died in 1954 at age 47.

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“Frida's voice was always very emotional, it had highs and lows, and the woman on the recording is very much an announcer. It is the reading of a text, it is reading. But Frida's voice was always very exalted, full of life, of emotion, “Lazo told Proceso magazine.

The Guatemalan painter, 95 years old, was a disciple and assistant to Rivera, and lived with both artists. In fact, he assures that the Ministry of Culture presented him the audio to know his opinion.

“I listened very carefully (…) I affirmed that it was not … You can hear and recognize a voice that you have heard for a long time. Because I met Frida and from the 10 years that I worked with Diego Rivera, eight years I was close to her “, said Lazo to the newspaper La Jornada.

When presenting the audio, the The Ministry of Culture explained that it asked for the opinion of people who knew Kahlo, but without mentioning the testimony of Lazo. Instead, they assured that Guadalupe Rivera, daughter of Diego Rivera, did recognize the voice of the painter.

But in statements to La Jornada, the filmmaker Diego López Rivera, son of Guadalupe, denies this affirmation. “At no time did she categorically claim that it was Frida's voice, that's because I was there.”

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López Rivera points out that, despite not having met Kahlo, as a professional of the audiovisual media he finds “several reasonable doubts” to question the audio.

“That voice is not that of a woman who had a life of much physical exertion, who smoked and drank and who breathed with difficulty,” he said.

Carmen García, retired teacher of 84 years and who shared with Kahlo in some meetings towards the beginning of 1954, months before the death of the artist, affirmed that the audio does not remind her of the voice of the painter.

“I certainly had a soft voice, but it was very emotional to talk and slow, sometimes dragged the voice because he often took. That voice (of the audio) is very flat. When you declaim what you write, you put feeling, “says Garcia, who also writes poetry and is declamatory.

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