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Find All Letter Locations in Battlefield V Guide

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Find All Letter Locations in Battlefield V Guide

This guide will help you to find all letters from the exact locations in Battlefield V PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions. These letters are collectibles in War Stories, aka campaign missions.

Collect all letters in single player War Stories to unlock 3 different rare melee weapons which can be used in online/multiplayer.

You can unlock the rare melee weapons such as Cricket Bat, Coupe Coupe and Soveig’s Knife after collecting all letters.

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Watch the video below, follow its timeline and collect all letters from the exact locations of Battlefield V.

Under No Flag

  • 00:35 Crossing Lines (3 Letters)
  • 05:53 Butcher and Bolt (6 Letters)


  • 05:37 Still and Silent (4 Letters)
  • 07:43 All is Ash (4 Letters)
  • 09:35 Wolf and Dog (6 Letters)


  • 11:55 Liberte (6 Letters)
  • 14:03 Egalite (5 Letters)
  • 16:06 Fraternite Ou La Mort (6 Letters)

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