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Find Aerodactyl and Fossil Pokemon Go Guide

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Find Aerodactyl and Fossil Pokemon Go Guide

In the search for Meltan, all Pokémon GO players have the possibility to hunt down some Pokémon: Aerodactyl and other fossil type Pokémon.

Maybe one of you is stuck, since they are some of the most difficult Pokémon to find in the whole game. But there are still methods to get these ancient Pokémon.

At first, only Aerodactyl, Omanyte, Kabuto, Anorith and Lileep were available, along with their respective evolutions.

But by adding Meltan, the Pokémon Cranidos and Shieldon of generation 4 have been added.

With this guide we will find you how to hunt Aerodactyl and the rest of fossil type Pokémon.

Pokemon GO Capture apture Aerodactyl and fossil Pokémon

The simplest method to get these Pokémon is to perform the research tasks.

As of this same month of May, Pokémon GO’s research tasks still reward you with some of these fossil-type Pokémon, so keep this in mind when you do some new ones:

  • Win 5 raids. Reward: Aerodactyl
  • Win a level 3 or higher raid. Reward: Omanyte or Kabuto

The downside is that these are the only tasks that currently give some kind of reward.

However eggs are another method with which we can obtain these fossil type Pokémon.

All the Pokémon that we mentioned can be incubated in the following eggs:

  • Eggs of 10 KM. Reward: Aerodactyl, Cranidos and Shieldon
  • Eggs of 5 KM. Reward: Kabuto and Omanyte

Stay with us for more.

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