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Fernando Rocha manifests himself as an imitation of Adnet in “Tá no Ar”


Fernando Rocha manifests himself as an imitation of Adnet in “Tá no Ar”

Marcelo Adnet imitated Fernando Rocha (Image: Reproduction / Globe)

Last Tuesday (12), the “Tá no Ar – A TV on the TV” he decided to make fun of “Well Star”. With the participation of Thiago Lacerda, Marcelo Adnet satirized Fernando Rocha in a very squeezed way.

In one part of the picture, which spoke about urinalysis, the presenter said: “I remembered one thing, the reunion of the urine with the urea inside the pot. Do you know how the meeting ends? With urine tremelique “. Then, the comedian imitated his colleague, famous for the dodgy dances.

In his Instagram profile, the former host of “Well Being” approved of imitation. “Upset? Humiliated? Stop please? What a huge honor to be played by Marcelo Adnet !!!! The tremelique lives! And we meet at the cake.“, wrote.

In the comments, the fans had fun. “It was very good Kkkk congratulations to all !!“Said a follower. “Adoroooo … Missing you“Said another surfer. “It was a homage within the profile of the program of course, only left us with more misses of our Rock! Tremeliques always“Commented a third. “Tremelique succeeds. Long live the tremelique“Wrote another.

“Tá no Ar” talks about Adnet's penis, recalls Xuxa and Alfineta Roberto Carlos

The Globo caused controversy during the “Tá no Ar – TV on TV” last Tuesday (12), after talking about erectile dysfunction. The revolted militant, lived by Marcelo Adnet, made fun of Marcius Melhem and Adnet himself. The program also Xuxa Meneghel, Roberto Carlos and Marielle Franco.

A sketch with Melhem, who was talking about erectile dysfunction, was stopped by the militant. “Look, a program with Marcius Melhem making fun of erectile dysfunction. I'm not John Kléber, but stop, stop, let's laugh! ““he said.

It was even left for Adnet himself. “What they told me, I did not see, but that's no big deal. In short: the reality known only by the reptilian Jewish illuminations of Upper Leblon, by comrade agent Dráuzio Varela [médico] and by Neidinho, a key ring here from Olinda who revealed me, the low temperatures of the studios, combined with the intense amber light and traces of coup, cause a Projaquian endemic softwood … “, he said, when it was “interrupted” by global programming.

Marcelo Adnet also appeared imitating Chico Xavier and Chico Buarque, in honor of MTV. “You were Renaissance, this was Trojan, the left was a blacksmith, the other a Roman Senator. She a noble Suserano, Brazilian bandeirante “, sang

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