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Faustão denies criticism of Bolsonaro

Faustão nega crítica a Bolsonaro


Faustão denies criticism of Bolsonaro

Fausto Silva caused controversy on social networks on Sunday night, 6, while presenting the program Domingão do Faustão, TV Globo. In criticism of Brazilian politics, host said, without citing names, that the “asshole who is there and should not be” is an idiot who is “fucking everyone”.

Netizens, against and in favor, associated the phrase with President Jair Bolsonaro.

In 2018, TV Globo had already recorded the January 6 to 13 editions of the program – during which time Michel Temer was in the Presidency.

On the afternoon of Monday, 7, the presenter manifested himself on the repercussion of his speech in a video sent to columnist Flávio Ricco, UOL. In it, Faustão denies directing his criticisms of Bolsonaro.

“At no point did I mention the current president, let alone the voters, in the term” imbecile. […] I used to explain that often an imbecile politician, who is not prepared to be elected, does not know why he is there, ends up entering this wave of vanity and forgets the problems of the Country. “

“As we are in new airs, or at least with expectation, what we expect is that everyone pray that the new elected politicians, deputies, senators, governors, president of the republic, ministers appointed, are aware of the real problems of Brazil . “



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