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Father Marcelo Rossi loses in court and sells forbidden book


Father Marcelo Rossi loses in court and sells forbidden book

Isaura Garcia filed suit Father Marcelo Rosi and Editora Globo alleging plagiarism in book (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Justice forbade priest Marcelo Rossi to sell, distribute or publish excerpts from the book “Agape”, one of his greatest hits, all over the world. The measure was defined on Thursday (11) and is immediate.

According to information journalist Alessandro Lo-Bianco, “A Tarde é Sua”, the decision is the result of the action brought by the writer Isaura Garcia, who disputed the fact that it was not credited in the publication due to the use of his text in the book.

In the process, she justified having written the excerpt in 1983. As compensation, the amount of R $ 50 million was requested, due to copyright infringement. The definition as to the payment of the amount, however, will still be judged.

“Agape” was published in 2015 and the text in question occupies a page and a half of the book. Regarding the decision of the Justice, both Marcelo Rossi and the publisher Globo, responsible for the publication, do not position themselves.

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