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Fastest Way to Earn XP and Reach Level 30 in Division 2 Guide

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Fastest Way to Earn XP and Reach Level 30 in Division 2 Guide

This guide contains all the details about how to earn XP and reach level 30 the fastest way possible in Division 2 video game.

If you are looking for the best methods to win XP faster in The Division 2, Ubisoft’s new multiplayer action adventure, to be able to reach level 30 in the game as soon as possible (the top for the moment), you are in the right place .

Level 30 opens a wide range of possibilities after the endgame of The Division 2, and you will want to reach it quickly.

We give you a series of tips to earn XP much faster and get to that point as soon as possible.

Earn more XP and reach level 30 faster in The Division 2

To win more XP and reach level 30 faster in The Division 2 it is advisable to follow a series of tips.

It may be obvious if you have played the first installment, but it never hurts to remember it.

For this, it is ideal to do the secondary missions of The Division 2.

Although they are not obligatory, the game secretly urges you to be, since you will not lose details of the story.

You can skip some, but you’ll almost need to do them to reach the level necessary to continue the story.

In other words, developers “force” us to do secondary missions.

If we simply follow the main story, there will come a point at which our level will be too low to continue and we will have to do these optional tasks – apparently – to reach the necessary level.

Another great advice to earn XP quickly in The Division 2 is to invest the SHD technology points in Accolade perks.

This equipment of improvements is cheap and can be acquired in the first hours of the game.

If you buy it as soon as possible, you will take advantage of its benefits, obtaining additional XP for head shots, multi-kills, impacts on weak points and other tasks that you will repeat again and again almost unintentionally.

Another classic option to earn XP in The Division 2 is to explore Washington DC in search of events.

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