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Famous model reveals romance with elderly woman: “Hot and romantic”


Famous model reveals romance with elderly woman: “Hot and romantic”

Núbia Oliiver and Daniela Albuquerque – RedeTV / Andrea Dallevo

Always controversial, Nubia Oliiver promises to generate a lot of buzz during the presentation of your interview to the 'Sensational', which will air on Thursday night (23). The reason? The muse of the 90s, in conversation with Daniela Albuquerque, host of the show, made astonishing confessions about her intimacy, and among them, revealed that she is adopting new experiences in her life.

Enough lived and desired, at age 45, the blonde said she was living a romance with another woman older than herself. The influencer, even, delivered that met the lucky through its Instagram, where it adds almost 500 thousand followers. “She's 52 years old. She's a grandmother, a delight, beautiful, wonderful, but I do not know her personally. She was married to a man and never had experience with women “, he says.

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Nubia, who already opened the game and surprised to have said that she has lived a romance with a global actress, did not disguise, and declares herself able to live new diversities. “I'm 90% attracted to men, I love it. I think man has a lot to offer. Now, I am 10% (attracted) per woman, they are hotter and more romantic “, explains.

In the program, the muse still recalled two abortions she underwent to do. The first was even made when he was 18 years old, and the second, while he had an affair with the current federal deputy Alexandre Frota. “I always planned to have a son or daughter, not that I wanted to be a mother, but if it happened, it would be one. And I would have to have a bond with the person, my son or my daughter would not be made with anyone “, justifies it, which still amended: “I do not regret any time”.

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Among the revelations, Nubia also mentioned sensitive issues such as losing her virginity at the age of 13 and having been expelled from her home by her father after the discovery. “I was very precocious. And at that time I had no information, it was very complicated. Obviously, he was not careful at all in the first relationship, and that was a fear. “

Cover of several famous magazines like the Playboy, Nubia even said that, dissatisfied with the course her life had taken, she even tried suicide as a way of solving it …. Check out more!

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