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Facebook announces a series of layoffs at the top of its hierarchy


Facebook announces a series of layoffs at the top of its hierarchy

Despite not being related, the layoffs of two top executives was announced by Facebook itself. Unexpectedly, today (15), Mark Zuckerberg announced in his blog official termination of Cris Cox, 3rd in the hierarchy, as well as Chris Daniels, the current head of the WhatsApp communication platform.

Zuckerberg is deeply saddened by the departure of number three from his company as well as the departure of the WhatsApp leader. All this, a day after the failure that made the bases of his technological empire shake.

In a remarkably informal tone, Zuckerberg addresses users of its services and platforms. So here we include the social network Instagram, Facebook, the respective Messenger, as well as WhatsApp, Workplace and the Oculus. In short, a statement that addresses the entire community that relies on their companies.

Yesterday the bases trembled, today the summit of Facebook collapses

First with a dedication to user privacy, Zuckerberg aligns these layoffs with the structural changes to be prepared within your company. “Embarking on this new vision, we have before us the beginning of a new chapter, “ can be read in his note.

First, Chris Cox (below), the number three in the structural group of the Facebook group. To date, the director and product manager of the social network, also being a co-worker of Mark Zuckerberg, already long-standing with 10 years in the company. On this “low,” the CEO expressed words of sincere gratitude.

Facebook WhatsApp

Since 2016 that Chris has discussed with me the hypothesis of devoting himself to other projects. He's one of the most talented people I know and has the potential to do whatever he wants. ” Then, the CEO of Facebook points out that since 2016 the executive sought new challenges.

The WhatsApp manager followed suit

Equally important in the current organization of the Zuckerberg business group was Chris Daniels. Up until now responsible for the largest instant communications platform, WhatsApp. However, the CEO notes that both departures have been peaceful and agreed by both parties, even if they are significant.

So Daniels's replacement has already been found. From here will be Will Cathcart, until then responsible for the application of Facebook for mobile devices. Then the new person in charge of the social network app for our smartphones and tablet has also been found. It's called Fiji Simo and will lead the application from here on out. Previously, he led the video and advertising department of the social network.

Facebook WhatsApp

Thus, we see a profound, although apparently consensual, shock within this company. Finally, it is also important to point out that the third position in the Facebook group, which until now belonged to Chris Cox, will remain empty for an indefinite period. The reasons for this have not been advanced.

As a result, application managers Fidgi Simo (Facebook), Stan Chudnovsky (Messenger), Will Cathcart (WhatsApp) and Adam Mosseri (Instagram), will respond directly to Zuckerberg. It should also be noted that in this note, the CEO did not failure recently registered.

In short, the social network loses today its number three, Chris Cox, as well as Chris Daniels, until then responsible for WhatsApp. According to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, the reason for the layoffs is the new privacy protection strategy. Something the executive wants to implement in his business group.

The merger between Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram has already been confirmed by the CEO:
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