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“'El Marginal' is a project that became very popular” | DailyShow


“'El Marginal' is a project that became very popular” | DailyShow


It's been a week since the return of “ The Marginal“The third season of the series Sebastián Ortega has new characters that will exceed the expectations of their fans, as is the case with Toto Ferro Y Alejandro Awada, although there are also “old reliable” who give much to talk about after the new stories they present.

One of them is Nacho Sureda, better known as “Panther“The actor who played on the right hand of”Toad“In the second season, it has a lot to tell and it takes a bigger role in this 2019. In dialogue with He said: “I have too many expectations, the third season came and I am very anxious on the part of the public. It is a project that became very popular and had a reach not only national but also international, so the expectation is giant

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With respect to my character we will see it in another instance. In season two he was the one in charge, Roly Serrano's right hand, now we will see him in other circumstances so it will not be the same “commented the actor. And added convinced: “And people had been left with this intrigue to know what had happened to Pantera that has an open end with Diosito (in the previous season). “

In addition, Sureda made mention of the nickname he receives on the street for his role in fiction. “I'm Panther and I think I'll be for a long time. I am a native of Escobar, from the north, I have been performing since I was very little in my grandfather's theater. I come from a family of actors, and when I was six years old, it was when I started. We have been getting into it and luckily things have been happening“he said.

Nacho Sureda, the great “Pantera” of “El Marginal” (Rubén Paredes / Chronicle)

In this new year, “Panther“He's more wild than ever.” In the advances of this season, it was possible to see how the artist had to make a rat eat in the great and cold “San Onofre“Amused by the scene he had to interpret, he remembered:”Panther eats rats because he does not eat well and does not have the same benefits as those he had in the second. So the rat scene was played but what I do, I do it thoroughly and I do not care about anything. We played quite a bit with the rat there and luckily I was not disgusted

So we'll see what happens with those scenes played because people have a hard time looking at them, let's hope they do not change channels“he concluded.

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