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Eduardo Costa video with two men in the dark is posted on the internet


Eduardo Costa video with two men in the dark is posted on the internet

There is no doubt that 39-year-old Brazilian singer Eduardo Costa is one of the most popular and beloved countrymen in the country. With his striking voice and stage-shaking songs, he has a huge following in Brazil. But, last Wednesday (14/08), Edu, as it is called by the intimate, became subject for another reason.

The singer posted a video on his Instagram Stories in which he lay on a sofa bed saying he was watching a very good movie, and even directed his followers to watch the production.

But the detail that catches the eye is the company of the singer. In the same video, Eduardo shows the friends with whom he was enjoying the dawn, the country duo Tarley and Neisson.


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In the recording, made by the singer himself, he says: “Watch out there The Punishers, who never watched think of a top movie. It's John Wick, watch to see! It's better than John Wick, ok ?! Is too good!”.

In addition to the video, Eduardo also became a subject because of his relationship with the presenter Antonia Fontenelle, ex-wife of the late actor Marcos Paulo. Since they began to be seen together, the singer and colleague have been appointed as a possible couple.

Recently, Antonia was present in the last clip of the backcountry and gave to talk with the tune between the two. The singer even published a daring photo in which he appears together with the blonde, which caused even more stir in social networks.

Despite the chemistry that shows, Fontenelle and Eduardo have not assumed a relationship so far, but there is a big crowd cheering for this to happen.

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