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Eduardo Costa has stoned bus and countryman manifests


Eduardo Costa has stoned bus and countryman manifests

Eduardo Costa / Instagram

On the night of this Friday (11), Eduardo Costa and his team went through trouble in Primavera do Leste, in Mato Grosso.

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The backcountry bus was stoned after he failed to perform for the East Spring show.

Through his Stories on Instagram, the countryman said that he spent more than two hours in the dressing room waiting to start his presentation: “The sound gave problem, I think they did not put a good train. For me, one of the worst things is delaying a show. I arrive 2 or 3 hours earlier in the dressing room so as not to delay, and it does not. And when it happens it is someone's incompetence. People who pay tickets don't want to know about these things. It's very sad, I get upset and desolate

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Eduardo Costa criticized the organization of the event and regretted what happened: “Not everyone is professional, not everyone fulfills their duties or duties. It's too bad at this point in the championship to go through this. Thank you East Spring population, sorry, I'm embarrassed for this to happen”The countryman apologized.

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Last Wednesday, the 10th, the singer complained of some pains:Not tired, dead, dead, dead. I'm in Sao Paulo and I can't stand it or walk. What a tiredness. I just arrived at the hotel after recording the show of dear Danilo Gentili, which airs on Wednesday (10). You guys will love it, a lot of bullshit. That's it, guys! I'm here rolled up tired, dying tired. Dying of a headache and a sore throat, ”he complained, adding:“ Now try to rest a little bit, take a headache medicine, a throat antibiotic and sleep. Tomorrow I'll be zero if God wantsr, ”said the musician through his Instagram stories.

Watch the video of people destroying Eduardo Costa's bus:


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