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Do not expect to know the origin story of Benoit Blanc in Knives Out 2


Do not expect to know the origin story of Benoit Blanc in Knives Out 2

The next movie of Knives out It is officially under development and little by little Rian Johnson has begun delivering more background information regarding his proposal.

In particular, during an interview with Vulture, the director felt that the new film of Knives out I wouldn't try to explore Benoit Blanc's origin story, the detective played by Daniel Craig.

Previously, Johnson had commented that Blanc will be the only character from the original installment who will return for this new movie since the Thrombey case was closed and now the detective will have to decipher a new mystery But that does not mean that the sequel will tell us more about Blanc's life.

“Getting tempting little details is fun. But sometimes there is a tendency to confuse the origin story with the character ”, said Johnson. “In short, it is not so interesting. Especially with a murder mystery, where you have a lot of suspects and only two hours to solve it. ”

“Real estate becomes incredibly precious. So, the idea of ​​taking even a few lines of dialogue to talk about where it grew? I mean, who cares? ”, he added.

Johnson has had no qualms about citing Agatha Christie's work as an inspiration to Knives out, so now the director again took as an example his novels to emphasize that his next film will not be a continuation of the history of the Thrombey, but will follow another case.

“This will be another Poirot novel”, Johnson pointed out. “This will be the same as what Agatha Christie did. You are disconnected from Knives Out. It's just another case. ”

The new movie of Knives out It still has no release date.

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