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Deputy sues Silvio Santos in court for alleged crime of racism


Deputy sues Silvio Santos in court for alleged crime of racism

Silvio Santos becomes deputy target after controversy (Image: Press Release / SBT)

The State Codepute Jesus of saints, a member of Activist Bench, recovered the picture in which Silvio Santos was accused of racism by the web. The congressman filed last Friday (13) a representation in the courts of the State of Sao Paulo against the owner of SBT.

According to Carta Capital magazine, the politician accuses Silvio Santos of racism because of the attitude of the communicator, who, at the last minute, changed the rules of a painting called Who You Take It? same song.

In the program of the last day 8, Silvio disregarded the vote, which gave an overwhelming victory to Jennyfer Oliver. In the performance, Jesus stated that Silvio showed dissatisfaction with the victory of the participant, the only black woman in the competition.

He understood that conduct can be typified in article 20 of Law 7,716 / 89, which considers race or color prejudice: to practice, induce or incite discrimination or prejudice of race, color, ethnicity, religion or national origin. The law also provides for a prison sentence of one to three years and a fine.

In his statement, Jesus dos Santos resorted to Article 5 of the Federal Constitution, which considers the practice of racism as unenforceable and imprescriptible crime.

The performance emphasized three other episodes. In 2014, at Teleton, when actress Julia Olliver, the Paw of the soap opera Chiquititas, said she would pursue an acting career and he questioned her: “But with that hair?”; in April 2016, when Silvio asked a girl with black power hair if she was feeling good about him; and the same year, in the solidarity marathon, when she interviewed a black dancer.

The politician reflected on what happened and spoke of the need to win “A strong whitening policy that resulted in the construction of the peripheries of this country, resulting in these people a social condition of miserability. Accompanied by this context, the inferiorization of these peoples through the inferiorization of their potentials, their knowledge, their culture and their aesthetics, culminated in a series of factors that corroborates the process of racial segregation and discrimination and placing these and these subjects. in a degree of inferiority ”.

Check out the representation in which the parliamentarian rescues what happened in the program:

“Jennyfer Oliver was the last to perform and the only one of the four contestants to have her performance interrupted by the presenter's argument that the song was too boring. Even so, the public chose it as the best interpretation: it received 84 votes, against 8, 5 and 3 of the other competitors. Still, Silvio Santos showed dissatisfaction with the wide victory of Jennyfer Oliver, the only black woman in the competition. Soon after, he ignored the audience's choice and said: ‘In my opinion, the best television performer is Juliani. You won. You are very beautiful, you sing well and you won another 500 reais' ”.

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