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Deise loses fight against cancer and message to God touches Brazil

Deise loses fight against cancer and message to God touches Brazil


Deise loses fight against cancer and message to God touches Brazil

This Tuesday, February 12, Brazil is experiencing yet another great loss. Singer Deise Cipriano, representative of the Fat Family group died. The information was given prominently at the end of the program 'A Tarde é Sua', directed by the journalist Sônia Abrão.

Earlier, several media outlets had already reported a worsening in the singer's health condition, which was re-tubed. The music professional was 39 years old and was battling severe liver cancer.

Deisy Cipriano, Fat Familty singer, did not resist cancer and died at age 39

After undergoing chemotherapy on Jan. 31, she did not have a positive reaction. With sickness and fever, she was hospitalized and taken to the ICU again. Encased since the morning of this Tuesday (12), Deise did not resist and passed away this afternoon.

In recent months, Deise has shared with the public her fight against cancer. In her last posting on Instagram (as can be seen above), she spoke about the power of God in her life. The singer described that the Almighty was always in charge.

In the publication, many fans took advantage to say goodbye to the singer. “The most beautiful voice Brazil had. May the Holy Spirit console friends. Especially your daughter. Who honored her to the end. What a pity.”, said one of the fans.

“Rest in peace … your voice will be much needed … your joy and your strength … feelings the family … strength”, wrote another. The death of the Fat Family member quickly became one of the most talked about subjects on the internet.

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