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Daughter of Tom Cavalcante takes up courtship with teen singer; Learn more – VIP area


Daughter of Tom Cavalcante takes up courtship with teen singer; Learn more – VIP area

Maria Cavalcante / Divulgação

Maria Cavalcantedaughter of the comedian Tom Cavalcante, is performed. Youtuber took up dating a teen singer. Dating for about 4 months, she just revealed it to the public now.

The lucky of the time is the teen actor and singer Cauan, that forms with the sister Mariana the pair Jolt.

In an interview for the UOL, Maria said that they met through social networks and that the parents already know the boy, who is 18 years old.

“I met him at a show he did after seeing him on Instagram. I started following him, so the initiative was mine, “says Maria, who celebrated 19 years with a garland at the beginning of the year. “I was nervous when I met him because I was recording for the channel. I told his sister that he was my crush and then we started talking good. “

The first event the couple left together was a Tom Cavalcante show. The comedian, too, played an important role in the relationship. Before asking Maria in court, Cauan asked permission from her parents.

“I prefer it, I'm more traditional,” he says. “I was a little nervous, but Tom and Pati from the beginning made me feel super comfortable,” Cauan said, referring to her lover's parents.

Do parents release everything?

In addition to Maria, Tom has two other children: he is also the father of Ivete and Ivens Cavalcante. With the younger daughter, the father owl says to be more protective, but ended up allowing the boy to sleep in his daughter's house when he is in São Paulo (he is from São Bernardo do Campo, interior).

“But my parents are a bit more liberal because of distance,” says Maria, who just passed in college, for the Radio and TV course.

Novel participation

On November 21, 2018, the aired the participation of Maria Cavalcante in the novel “The Adventures of Poliana“.

Maria interprets Ursula, a youtuber with many followers, who aroused the attention of Mirela (Larissa Manoela) and Luca Tuber (João Guilherme) … Read more!

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