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Danilo meets his alleged mother


Danilo meets his alleged mother


In the chapter of Tuesday (03), in the soap opera Amor de Mãe, Álvaro gets in touch with Penha and tells her what David is up to so that he can find a way to lose the activist. Danilo is perplexed to learn that he is an adopted son and cannot understand why Thelma never told him the whole truth.

The boy will tell Thelma that he intends to meet his birth mother and Adriana Esteves' character will be in shock, as she has a reason for not letting this happen, only that she won't reveal anything for now.

The merchant will go after Lourdes and tell her that she has no idea what to do to find Danilo's biological mother. The boy will be disturbed by this discovery and will end up drinking too much, going to vent to Nuno.

Lourdes will scold her granddaughter because of the way she has behaved towards her father. Raul and Vitória share homework and also care for their children. Ryan goes after marina, but she will be hostile to the singer.

Ryan thinks he is guilty of everything that happens in relation to Marina. Thelma sets up a plan and introduces a woman to her son saying she is his biological mother. Except that Danilo will find it strange that his supposed mother treated him coldly, but this was all agreed between the woman and Thelma.

Lourdes talks to the son-in-law and gives the boy some advice. Ryan leaves his sister desperate after having a crisis and saying he doesn't want to do shows anymore. Sandro supports Erica when she sees that she needs to vent.

Raul and Vitória get married in a beautiful ceremony, with the presence of friends and family. Fátima decides to return to Danilo's house.


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