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Crisis Actor in Infinite Lands apologized for lying about his cameo


Crisis Actor in Infinite Lands apologized for lying about his cameo

(Below you will find spoilers of the Crisis in Infinite Lands Arrowverse)

The first episodes of Crisis in Infinite Lands They set out to set the stage for the inevitable battle of the heroes against the Anti-Monitor, but while there were some key events for the future of the Arrowverse, no doubt the focus has been on the different cameos.

And it is that for any follower of the DC Comics adaptations at least it is intriguing to see Brandon Routh again in Superman's suit, Kevin Conroy finally as a Bruce Wayne live-action or Tom Welling's return as Clark Kent.

But none of those announced cameos has generated as much surprise as the Lucifer's appearance during the third part of the crossover.

It turns out that Lucifer's cameo during Crisis in Infinite Lands It was reported in September last year, however, its veracity was questioned when the actor himself after the devil, Tom EllisHe swore that everything had been a confusion.

“This is what happens. I go to Vancouver over the weekend to visit my friend for his birthday and now, suddenly, I'm in a different series, ” Ellis commented in an interview with ET before telling fans that he was sorry but he would not appear at the event.

But, taking clues from the character he plays, everything was a trick of the actor and Lucifer if he had his cameo in Crisis in Infinite Lands.

Following that, Ellis had to go out to explain for flatly rejecting that it would be part of the crossover.

“Ok, sorry for lying about whether I was in Crisis in Infinite Lands !!! BUT we were trying desperately to keep up the surprise, but unfortunately some paparazzi spoiled it… so… it was a slight attempt to put the genie back in the bottle ”, Ellis wrote shortly after the episode was broadcast in the United States. “Lucifer, however, does not lie.”

Ellis continued to justify his deception in a new interview with ET, where he argued that it is difficult to keep secrets at the time of social networks and that, although he was actually in Vancouver for a friend's birthday, he filmed the cameo and when asked that's why he decided to be “Economic with the truth”.

Regarding how his appearance was managed at the Arrowverso event, Ellis said he was immediately willing to participate as it was a good excuse to return to the Canadian city where the first deliveries of Lucifer.

“There were numerous reasons (why I accepted the cameo). One, when we started filming, we did seasons one and two of Lucifer in Vancouver, so there is a great place in my heart for Vancouver, ” Ellis pointed out. “It was an opportunity to come back, see some friends and do all that kind of thing. Also on the labor side, we talked over the years about Lucifer as a DC character and (we wonder) ‘Is there any chance of this happening?’ And I honestly thought it didn't exist. ”

“Then, when they told me (this idea) I thought,‘ Yes, let's do it. Let's do it '”, he added. “I also know Matt (Ryan) a little and we've talked about that in the past, so we made it happen! In fact, we manifest it! ”

In the interview Ellis also noted that the cameo is set before the series events Lucifer, so this is an earlier version of the character.

You can watch Ellis's interview here:

Crisis in Infinite Lands will continue on January 14, 2020 in the United States.

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