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Country Luciano Camargo surprises his wife with unusual declaration of love


Country Luciano Camargo surprises his wife with unusual declaration of love

Luciano Camargo and Flávia Camargo / Instagram

The singer Luciano Camargo loves to make surprises and statements for his wife, Flávia Camargo. The two have been married for 15 years and from this love was born the twins Isabella and Helena.

This Saturday (14) was no different, the countryman decided to show all his love for his beloved in a very unusual way, and for that she had the woman's face imprinted on his jacket, and he also added some pieces of music from duo he forms with his brother, Zezé Di Camargo.

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On Instagram, Flávia shared a photo showing her husband's declaration of love and melted by the gesture. “And when I think the husband has done all the tributes and surprises possible… he comes with the most beautiful… thank you my love… I love you so much and forever”, wrote

In the comments the followers were just compliments. “You are so beautiful,” wrote Andressa Suita, wife of singer Gusttavo Lima. “Wow! What a wonderful jacket !!! ”wrote Amabylle Eiroa, bride of Igor Camargo, Luciano's nephew. “He always rocks !!!! Couple scores 1000! ”, Complimented a couple fan. “So beautiful, he's very romantic,” said a netizen.

+ Country Luciano Camargo comes in click with the family and detail catches the eye

Recently the country singer used his social networks to show his followers that he was caught doing stretching behind the stage. On Instagram, he joked that next time he will be watching to look better in the registry.

“So thinking that only athlete does stretching before going into action ??? Kkkkkkkk one more @rosafotografa Rosa catch, I will not hesitate next to you, next time, I'll do like to look good in the photo… ”he wrote in the caption of the publication. See the post!


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