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Country Leonardo catches his wife, Poliana, in an intimate moment


Country Leonardo catches his wife, Poliana, in an intimate moment

Leonardo / Reproduction

Once again the country singer Leonardo and the journalist, Poliana Rocha, delighted fans and followers by showing a little of how the couple's daily life, which have been together for 23 years.

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On the night of this Sunday, 10, Poliana shared with her more than six hundred thousand followers a catch that her husband was keen to record. Even at a very intimate and personal moment, the journalist made a point of showing with everyone who follows her.

It is noteworthy that this Sunday was also a day of strong emotions, as the couple's son participated in the Faustão program and talked about a serious matter, his illness, which has caused concern in both the family and friends and fans of the musician.

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In her feed, Poliana published a photo of her kneeling on the floor and leaning against the bed in a moment of strong prayer. In the subtitle of the publication, she talked about the intimate moment.

“The husband took this picture and sent it to me !!! I… my prayer times… .bend my knees, ask and thank you so much more !!!! ”, she wrote, completing with a hashtag 'I have fellowship with God'.

Among many comments from followers who appeared in the publication, Isabella Arantes, daughter-in-law of the journalist made sure to send a message to her. As you all know, the relationship between the two is great and turn it on they exchange some kind of statement on social networks.

“You're too blessed, only those who know you know your essence, unique,” wrote Zé Felipe's girlfriend in the comments.

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Check out Poliana's moment:

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