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Country Eduardo Costa recalls difficult moments in childhood: “I was humiliated”


Country Eduardo Costa recalls difficult moments in childhood: “I was humiliated”

Eduardo Costa – Reproduction: TV Record

Who sees the good life that the country singer Eduardo Costa you have now, you can hardly imagine its origin and how much it has spent – and endured – to reach the level it is at.

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For those who do not know, the country singer Eduardo Costa comes from a very poor family. In conversation with the presenter Geraldo Luíson the Sunday Show from Record TV, this Sunday (15), the musician recalled the difficulties he experienced in his childhood and how it shaped the person he is today:

“One day I came home and my mother was very sick, lying in bed, and saw my sister Sara, who was about a year and a half, hungry eating the land. It was the scene that most marked my life, I I never forgot ”, reminded the musician.

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That, according to him, was a push to seek to change his life and that of his family: “There I thought, 'I will have to work to help these people.' It gave me the strength and strength to work and give my family a better life. ”, said.

From then on, Eduardo Costa got a job and recalled a “humiliation” that came over his uncle. “I was working with a truckload of vegetables at Ceasa and I came home from dinner for about 10 pm. But at that time people slept early, 9:30 pm were already in bed. By the time I got the food warm, the pan lid fell to the floor and he woke up. He got very nervous, said this was not the time to make food at his house and told me to leave. ”

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“Luckily, a friend found me on the street with his suitcase hanging and called me to sleep at his house. It was a great humiliation that I went through ”said the country singer Eduardo Costa, which ensures that it does not hold a grudge against the relative.


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