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Confirm that Shazam! will have a post-credits scene and that will not appear Black Adam


Confirm that Shazam! will have a post-credits scene and that will not appear Black Adam

Every time there is less for the premiere of Shazam!, and while waiting for a second trailer of the film, Warner Bros decided to invite several American media to watch the first 15 minutes of the film.

In that instance, the guests had the opportunity to ask questions of director David F. Sandberg and producer Peter Safran, and, according to IGN, the conversation inevitably led to the rumors surrounding Shazam!

First of all, the director and the producer confirmed that the film will have a post-credits scene, but obviously they did not explain what it will be about.

“I think it's probably the same decision making that you have in all these movies, which is, what will be fun, what will be satisfying to the audience, which will be a good ending point for the movie,” Safran explained. the choice of the theme for the scene.

“It is, again, what will be satisfactory to the audience. That is the debate that always exists. We had many options. I think we end up with something good “, he added.

The hermetism of the producer with regard to the content of the sequence led to the consultation with the director regarding an eventual cameo of Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam. After all, Teth Adam is the main enemy of Billy Batson's alter-ego.

But, as La Roca had already done on several occasions, Safran ruled out the rumors once again.

“It's completely a myth. He could have been available. That is the only thing in that statement that can be true. But I do not know if I was or not, “said Safran. “But no, there was never a conversation with him about the post-credits scene. Never, truly. “

Although Black Adam would not be in Shazam!, the door is not closed for an appearance of the character in an eventual Shazam! two, at least in the dreams of the director and producer of the film.

“They would like to see it at some point, because you know, he's a classic villain,” Sandberg said. “He is the perfect adversary, so one would like to eventually see these two together on screen at some point, but it will not be in this one, “ complemented Safran.

With Black Adam offstage, there is another speculation that remains for the post-credit scene of Shazam!: the rumored appearance of Superman.

“We had fun with all the things around him, but first of all it's Shazam's story,” Safran said of the film's connection to the DCEU.

Subsequently, the producer would have added that Warner Bros. had no special requests regarding certain connections to a larger movie universe. However, the film is effectively set in that world.

With a discarded Black Adam cameo and the supposed involvement of Superman still the terrain of mystery, director David F. Sandberg confirms that the fans if they can expect several easter eggs in the movie.

For example, in the scene at the Rock of Eternity, where the Seven Deadly Sins will be presented, Sandberg promises that there will be surprises for DC diehard fans.

“Actually we make some very deep cuts,” Sandberg said. “Especially you see a bit of that when you get to the Rock of Eternity, you probably have seen artifacts and things that are from very old comics. So I think very few people will be able to say, 'Oh, I know where exactly they come from.' “

Shazam! will be released on April 4.

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