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Claudia Rodrigues thanks fan support and says she was discharged


Claudia Rodrigues thanks fan support and says she was discharged

Claudia Rodrigues was discharged on Thursday, 5, after three days in a hospital in Sao Paulo. The news was given by the actress herself in a video released by Adriane Bonato, the artist's businesswoman.

“I came here to share a great joy with you: I took the medication yesterday, it worked out, they discharged me and I'm going home,” she said.

The actress thanked the fans for their prayers and the “positive energy” sent. “(You) give a lot of strength to me and my businesswoman. Thank you for everything, ”added Claudia.

On Monday, 2, Adriane had reported that the humorist had been experiencing severe headaches since her last hospitalization, which would have intensified over the weekend.

Taken to the hospital, Claudia underwent tests and was hospitalized, where she waited for a medication that, according to the businesswoman, comes from the United States.

The treatment, according to Adriane, is an attempt to “stop brain degeneration” caused by multiple sclerosis (MS).

In MS, a genetic disease, the immune system attacks myelin, the layer that lines the cells of the central nervous system. When it is affected, communication between neurons is compromised, resulting in different consequences.

There are a multitude of signs that can occur in those with the disease: blurred vision, tingling, loss of strength, lack of sensitivity, balance disorder, urinary incontinence, memory impairment. Not all people will have these symptoms, but all symptoms are possible for someone to feel.

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Claudia Rodrigues ended the message by asking fans to have faith. “Believe me, because God is ahead and then the victory is certain. Thank you for everything, thank you, ”he said.

Claudia Rodrigues hospitalizations

On March 23 this year, the actress was hospitalized and discharged days later in early April. “I'll make you laugh twice,” he celebrated after leaving the hospital.

In late May, Claudia Rodrigues underwent a new hospitalization after fainting and low blood pressure. On October 19, the humorist published a video after being discharged from a new admission for exams.

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