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“Cine Espetacular”, of SBT, defeats “Jornal da Globo” and Bial


“Cine Espetacular”, of SBT, defeats “Jornal da Globo” and Bial

Bruce Willis in “Without Law”, poster of “Cine Espetacular”; film gives leadership to the SBT (Image: Reproduction / IMDB)

This Tuesday (16), the “Spectacular Cinema”, of SBT, won first place in the audience during the confrontation with “Jornal da Globo” and “Conversa com Bial”, according to data obtained in Greater São Paulo. However, in the overall average, the feature film “Sem Lei” (2011) closed in second place – with a large advantage over Record.

In the air from 23h36 to 1h07, the “Cine Espetacular” reached 8.9 points, 10.4 peak and 21.4% share in the number of connected TVs (share); in the same range, Record scored 5.3 on average.

In the clash with “Jornal da Globo”, however, the SBT film session reached 9.6 points, compared to 8.2 of Globo (23h58 at 0h37); in competition with “Conversa com Bial”, 8,4 for the channel of Silvio Santos and 6.5 of the station of Marinho (0h37 to 1h07).

Following, “The Night” with Danilo Gentili assured the vice-leader with 5.5 points, 8.5 of peak and 21.4% of share; from 1h07 to 2h07. Yesterday, Gentili hosted blogger Gessica Kayane, Gkay.

The same happened with the “Operation Mesquita” – 4.1 points, 5 of peak and 21.4% of share, between 2h07 and 2h45, in front of 0.9 – and the restatement of “SBT Brasil” – 3.7 points , 4 peak and 23.1% share, from 3h16 to 4h, against 0.8.

SBT also snatched second place with the “First Impact” (4.8 x 3.6) in the morning. And with “The Adventures of Poliana” (11.6 x 7.2), “Complices of a Rescue” (9.1 x 6) and “The Mouse Program” (10.3 x 8) in prime time.

Duh Secco has been “telemaniac” since childhood. In 2014, he created the blog “Vivo no Viva”, echoing soap operas and other attractions of Canal Viva. He was hired by Globosat the following year. Integrates the team of RD1 since 2016, in the functions of reporter and columnist. It's also on social networks and on YouTube (@DuhSecco), always reverencing the TV story and commenting on current productions.

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