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Charlize Theron talks about a relationship with Brad Pitt


Charlize Theron talks about a relationship with Brad Pitt

Charlize Theron (43) is ready for a new relationship, but complains that no man is brave enough to ask her out.

“I’m a ten year old single,” the actress shocked her statement, and she vigorously denied speculation that she was dating Hollywood’s handsome Brad Pitt.

“I’ve been alone for ten years, so I haven’t been with love for a long time! The guys should finally get a bit of a touch! “I’m a single!”  Said the actress, who by this statement cut off the rumor of dating Angelina Jolie’s husband (43), Brad Pitt.

The People magazine was confirmed by a source close to the actress.

“They weren’t together recently and they never really went together. They went out a couple of times, but they were like a couple together, that’s not true, “the  actress said.

Even though the famous beauty is probably not dating anybody, she has taken care of the fun. She is the mother of two adopted children, Jackson’s boy (7) and August (3). And she has no need for job offers.

The question, however, remains to what extent the actress can be trusted. Maybe she’s just trying to distract herself from her relationship with Brad, because his divorce battle is still ongoing with his wife, Angelina Jolie, and the new acquaintance could only hurt him in the child wreckage. After all, the actress is great – she even won an Oscar for her performance.

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