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Charlie Zaa clarifies that he is alive


Charlie Zaa clarifies that he is alive

Carlos Alberto Sánchez Ramírez, better known as Charlie Zaa, had to publish a statement to clarify that he is not dead. This in response to the rumor that began to circulate on social networks, especially on Twitter, which said that a man who died in Girardot was Zaa.

“First of all, I thank God because He, as the owner of life, has given me the blessing of being here with my family, with health, well-being and preparing what will be my new musical work”, wrote the artist, in Instagram.

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According Zaa, saw the news of his death in “some portals of shows”. It should be noted that the Colombian media that reported the situation did so to disprove the false news, not to reproduce it. On the other hand, the singer thanked the friends who called him to make sure he was alive and, in addition, sent a message to those who replicated the misleading information.

“To those who irresponsibly published an unconfirmed information, I invite you to take into account that with your disinformation they can hurt many people, and once again, I reiterate that with the favor of God, we are going through a beautiful moment of life and with all the enthusiasm to finish with honors the new thing with what musically we are going to surprise our audience, “he concluded.

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It is not the first time that social networks 'kill' celebrities who are alive. It happened to Darío Gómez in January 2019. He began to circulate the rumor of his death and he had to publish a video to deny it: “I want to inform you that today January 24, 2019 there is a false alarm out there in social networks that Darío Gómez is dead, I ask you the favor: do not believe in that speculation “

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