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Chairman of Warner Bros ensures that DC films will not follow the Marvel formula


Chairman of Warner Bros ensures that DC films will not follow the Marvel formula

The success of Aquaman apparently it will be a milestone in the plan that Warner Bros. has for the DC films in terms of strategy and history. Since its premiere the film of the King of the Seven Seas has not only received mainly positive reviews, but has also been crowned as the most successful production of the so-called DCEU.

Although, the new DC movies that started with Man of Steel they had already achieved success with Wonder Woman in 2017, in general this universe has been marred by the failure of Justice League and the controversial Batman vs Superman.

But now, in light of the success of Aquaman, Warner Bros. chairman Toby Emmerich wants to turn the page and use as a future manual the formula that led to the success of the film directed by James Wan.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Emmerich explained that Aquaman It was a turning point for the studio and its plans with the franchise, which now more than ever will bet on its own direction to the detriment of the popular Marvel Studios style.

“We all feel that we have taken a turn now. We are playing with the DC formula, which is very different from the Marvel formula “, said Emmerich. “We are much less focused on a cohesive universe. We take one movie at a time. “

Emmerich added that this new provision for the stories of the house of Superman and Batman will be reflected in aspects such as the difference between each film that will be marked by its director.

“Each film is its own equation and its own creative entity,” said Emmerich. “If I had to say something about ourselves, it's that It always has to be about the directors. “

Looking at the upcoming DC and Warner Bros projects it's not hard to imagine that bet, while the movie The Joker will apparently be much more tragic, what has been seen so far Shazam! It proposes a fresh story full of humor. Aspects that are obviously consistent with each character.

Anyway, we must see how this bet is reflected on the big screen, considering that so far all the films that DC has presented in recent years they are still linked in one way or another to the thread with which this project started in the beginning.

It's just a matter of seeing that Jason Momoa was chosen as Aquaman to Batman vs Superman and the director of that movie, Zack Snyder, He was also involved in the Arthur Curry film.

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