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Celso Portiolli appears next to his mother and thrills netizens


Celso Portiolli appears next to his mother and thrills netizens

Celso Portiolli / Instagram

Celso Portiolli, is always making people smile in his outgoing and playful manner, even though he takes his job as a host on SBT very seriously.

We are used to seeing the mother owls everywhere saying to their children, with photos and messages, this time the roles were reversed and what we saw, was the son who decided to honor his beautiful mother.

On the afternoon of this Friday (8), Celso, used his official Instagram and made a beautiful statement the presenter posted some pictures photos and some videos, and ended up doing a montage of several moments of Dibe Portiolli, which is your mommy.

The publication, which begins with a video of the presenter combing Dibe's hair, was captioned with a joke. “She thinks her hair looks good”, wrote.

Fans of the presenter of course were thrilled with the scene and left their beautiful messages: “Beautiful” “How beautiful! enjoy it a lot ”said one fan. who also didn't let it go was the Robson Jassa,One more who fell in love with this profession! said the pro jokingly about himself being haristyle.

+ Graciele Lacerda pays tribute to mother on her birthday

Recently, another celebrity took advantage of social networks to declare to his mother was the dancer Carla Prata, she celebrated a lot and left all her affection to mom, the psychologist Silver Rosangela, at the time she was completing another year of life.

And the daughter didn't let the date go blank, “I don't even have words to say how special she is. How tireless she is in her best role: mother. She is friend, counselor, caring and we know we can ALWAYS count on her for EVERYTHING we need in life. I wish you all the health in the world so you can always take care of us. I love you infinitely. Congratulations”.

Watch the video:


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