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Carolina Cruz receives support messages for lost baby


Carolina Cruz receives support messages for lost baby

Carolina Cruz and actor Lincoln Palomeque make up one of the most stable couples of the Creole show and they have always been seen as a very close family next to their son Matías, who they have always wanted to give him a little brother. For this reason the couple got down to work and the presenter managed to get pregnant quickly, but At the end of 2018, after nine weeks of pregnancy, she lost the baby.

“I went to my control and the doctor told us that something was not right … This little boy was not beating his heart. Immediately the doctor told us that we had to make a curettage, I will never forget this word so hard and complex for 30% of women who regardless of age or situation have a loss, “said Carolina Cruz through her Twitter account.

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Immediately, the model also received hundreds of comments of support not only from her followers, but also from other celebrities such as Taliana Vargas, Elizaeth Loaiza and Juliana Galvis.

For his part, Taliana Vargas, without revealing details about her story, commented that “There are thousands of women who go through a loss. I understand that pain and it lasts a long time to heal.”

However, in February of this year the former Universal Viceroy gave birth to her first daughter, whom she called Alicia María.

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