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Camila's past is revealed and what she does in Mother's Love leaves everyone incredulous


Camila's past is revealed and what she does in Mother's Love leaves everyone incredulous

At the beginning of the soap opera Amor de Mãe, Lourdes took her children and went in search of Domênico, who was sold by his own father. Despite the difficulties she faced, Regina Casé's character didn't think twice when she found a girl abandoned along the way.

She adopted Camila and treated the girl like a real daughter, doing for her everything she does for Erica, Magnus and Ryan. In the next chapters, the author Manuela Dias will bring the teacher's biological mother to the story and they will meet, but the public will be surprised at what should happen.

Lourdes will embark on a trip to Malaquitas and Camila will go with her. Rita, the teacher's biological mother, will recognize the daughter she abandoned as soon as she saw her, even after so many years.

Rita will look for her and after identifying herself, she will tell that she was only 15 years old when she gave birth and for that reason abandoned her, but soon afterwards she was sorry and went back to pick her up, but did not find her daughter there anymore.

Camila will make no point of talking to her birth mother and will treat her harshly. Hurt, Lourdes' adopted daughter will tell that she was abandoned on the side of a road to die, only that she was saved and is doing very well.

Rita will be devastated to see that she was not forgiven by her daughter, but she will not insist on continuing the conversation, leaving afterwards.

In the following chapters, Camila will not comment on the meeting with her biological mother, she will keep her focus on Thelma's pregnancy, which will serve as a supportive belly to generate her son with Danilo.

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