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Camila is Victoria's true daughter and dark past is scary


Camila is Victoria's true daughter and dark past is scary

Camila is the true daughter of Vitória em Amor de Mãe, a soap opera at Globo's nine. In the next chapters of the booklet, Lurdes (Regina Casé) must discover that Camila, who is her adopted daughter, would also be the daughter of Vitória (Taís Araújo). The lawyer reportedly had two children, but believed that her baby girl had died during childbirth.

The bombastic information was given in a video that is reverberating a lot on the internet. In addition, a magazine confirms part of the story. In the video, it is also revealed who could be the real Sandro, who Lurdes is looking for. He would be the brother of Betina (Isis Valverde), who is believed to have been killed in the first chapter of the plot.

Bomb in the nine o'clock soap can cause a turnaround

The boy's body, however, disappeared. It is believed then that he, in fact, did not die and, when he reappeared, he should help in the outcome that Lourdes wants so much to know.

As for Camila, the girl would also be Victoria's daughter and was abandoned by Kátia (Vera Holtz), after she couldn't find anyone who wanted to be with the girl, since she was black.

See below the speculative video about the plot of nine hours on TV Globo, which is giving Ibope a lot on Globo.

It is worth remembering that Globo has not yet confirmed that Camila is really the daughter of Vitória in Globo's soap opera. The booklet is beginning to win over the audience and, finally, surpassing the mark of 30 audience points. Although Amor de Mãe does not repeat the success of 'A Dona do Pedaço', the story has been highly praised by critics from across the country.

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