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Camila becomes suspicious of Sandro


Camila becomes suspicious of Sandro

GShow / Mount-Russell

In Monday's chapter (16), Danilo will see the exact moment when Sandro and Marconi's car will make a detour from the police vehicle. After being arrested by Wesley, Alvaro will try to find a way to get rid of him and will even resort to bribery thinking it will work.

Danilo ends up sleeping with Camila, but gets an ultimatum from Lourdes. Thelma is shocked to find that her son is lying to her. Since discovering the brain aneurysm, the restaurant's owner has been unfolding to give Danilo everything, but he's increasingly rebellious.

Belizário receives payment from Alvaro and then decides to release him from detention and will do so right in front of Victoria, will be a big impact for the lawyer to witness that scene.

Sandro tells his mother that he will go out looking for nails, only that he will agree to participate in a robbery with Marconi. After committing the crime, the boy will be in charge of storing the stolen goods.

Camila begins to watch Sandro and distrusts the way he has been behaving. Lourdes is right that she finally found her son, but Camilo thinks there is something strange about this story.

Natalia begins to see that Carolina and Durval are increasingly intertwined and do not like it at all. Vincent tells Betina he's been suffering a lot since they broke up. Eunice decides to close the school after being convinced by Alvaro, but Amanda will soon warn David.

Thelma talks to Durval and gives some advice on Natalia and Carolina. Danilo tells Thelma about her dating, who is upset about Lourdes' silence. David declares that he wants to date Amanda. Vincent decides to investigate Magno. Danilo meets Sandro, he will be introduced to the ex-convict by Lourdes.


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