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Caio Blat poses in swim trunks with his girlfriend and the size of the volume shocks


Caio Blat poses in swim trunks with his girlfriend and the size of the volume shocks

Caio Blat poses with his girlfriend and the volume size shocks (Image: Reproduction / Facebook)

Caio Blat left the netizens jaw-dropping last Thursday (27). The reason? A photo published by Luisa Arraes on Instagram, in which he appears only in sunguinha enjoying the carnival in Recife.

The reason for the post made by the actress was to celebrate her love for her boyfriend, but what really caught the attention was the large volume inside the artist's swim trunks.

Users of social networks, as it could not be otherwise, made several comments on the subject.Caio Blat impressing everyone again with his giant suitcase ”, a follower fired.

“What is the boy wearing in this swim trunks? Money belt? Cell phone? Tablet? The entire move from his house? I'm chocked”, added another fan. “I thought he was dressed as an elephant … look at the size of the trunk”, joked one more.

He will have to pay an additional fee at the airport for the weight of the suitcase ”, said a fourth person, in a good-humored tone. Check it out below!

Álvaro Penerotti

Álvaro Penerotti he has always been very involved in everything that involves the world of TV and celebrities. With intense experience in the area of ​​journalism and social media, he has worked in radio and also in important communication vehicles on the web. It can be found on social networks through @AlvaroPenerotti.

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