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Bruno Gagliasso comments on similarity with Klebber Toledo


Bruno Gagliasso comments on similarity with Klebber Toledo

Bruno Gagliasso; Klebber Toledo – Instagram / Reproduction

This week, the actor Bruno Gagliasso joked when he said he would enjoy the Carnival in costume Klebber Toledo. Giovanna Ewbank's husband compared himself to his co-worker.

“In this Carnival I will be dressed up as @klebbertoledo !!! And you?”, joked Gagliasso.

Klebber's wife left a comment on the post: “Hahahaha good”, wrote Camila Queiroz. Klebber, on the other hand, suggested their work, since they look very similar. “Kkkkk…. It was too much, I was going to try to do the same but Bruno Gagliasso only in one. We have to make brothers in fiction… Good Carnival ”, wrote the artist.

+ Bruno Gagliasso posts a photo of his son Bless and declares himself: I love you

+ Bruno Gagliasso and wife Giovanna Ewbank take children to the theater

Giovanna Ewbank shares photo of Bless: “Exhibited as the father”

Presenter Giovanna Ewbank, who is married to actor Bruno Gagliasso, shared this week a cute click from her son, Bless. In the publication, the blonde joked that the heir has the same look as the father.

+ Bruno Gagliasso posts a shirtless photo and receives a comment about the physique: Slim!

“My little prince displayed as daddy @brunogagliasso lol, loves a photo, a stage, singing and dancing in front of everyone!”, wrote Gio.

Giovanna is still Titi's mother and is expecting her first biological child.

+ Bruno Gagliasso ventes about adopted children: Adopting is not a charity

In an interview with GQ Brasil, Bruno talked about the new moment with his wife's pregnancy. For the actor, some people try to imply that they are being rewarded for having adopted Titi and Bless.

“Now we have heard a lot and been very upset by the idea that this baby is a reward. What reward? Adopting is not a charity and people are very confused. And it hurts, it hurts ”, said the former Rede Globo contractor.


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