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Bruna Marquezine gets “pistol” and gives answer to being called “sub”


Bruna Marquezine gets “pistol” and gives answer to being called “sub”

Bruna Marquezine gets angry with hater and detonates (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Bruna Marquezine was angered by a collection of a follower, who regretted she did not divulge the selection of the 47th Gramado Film Festival. The Internet user said she had an obligation to promote the event. The artist then sent an answer in the tin to him.

“One of the biggest festivals in Latin America that Bruna is competing with. But unfortunately she herself does not divulge “ a Twitter user surfaced.

The actress participates in the show with the film “Vou Nadar até Você”, in which she plays a photographer who does nothing from Santos to Ubatuba, on the coast of São Paulo, in search of her father.

Then another “fan” decided to go further, called her “sub” and compared it to the actresses Isabelle Drummond and Marina Ruy Barbosa, implying that Bruna Marquezine only thought of promoting the relationship she had with Neymar.

“Unnecessary nothing. But it was to be expected, she does not value as an artist only wants to be called someone's ex ex! You should be inspired by Isabelle or Marina! Bruna turned sub, “ he said.

The famous, then, decided to pronounce: “Man, stop talking shit like you know something. I went to work. Now I'm wrong. I do not have the patience to pretend that you are pretending to be a fan. “

Soon after, however, the actress erased the post that had been made into her Twitter account.

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