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Bolsonaro comments on Regina Duarte's delay in turning engagement into marriage


Bolsonaro comments on Regina Duarte's delay in turning engagement into marriage

Bolsonaro comments on Regina Duarte's delay in turning engagement into marriage (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Jair Bolsonaro (without party) opened the game, this Thursday (23), in conversation with journalists, about the nomination of Regina Duarte for the Special Secretariat for Culture. He said the decision should come when he returns from an official trip to India on the 28th.

The actress, it should be remembered, was invited by the president to the post at the end of last week. They have since had two meetings on the proposal. The global company then said it was “getting engaged” with the government, but has not yet confirmed whether to accept the invitation.

“Maybe on the way back now, we'll get it right there. It really deserves almost a party when the inauguration is signed. It must be on the way back. She is a very special person ”, Bolsonaro said at the exit of the official residence of the Palácio da Alvorada, according to information from G1.

The president also said that the famous is adapting quickly and seems to be “a long time” in the government. “It is going well, she is perfectly adapted, it seems that she has been in the government for a long time, she is full of desire, I have been talking to her, giving her tips on how to form the profile of her secretariat. I think this wedding is going to be talkative ”, completed.

Bolsonaro even joked about what he and Regina have called “engagement”. “It feels so good to be engaged”, vented the politician.

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