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Billie Eilish says she thought about committing suicide in 2018


Billie Eilish says she thought about committing suicide in 2018

Billie eilish She is a recognized American singer who, with only 18 years, has achieved success in the music industry.

Recently, in an interview with CBS, the young artist confesó that he was about to take his own life in one of his musical tours in Germany, during 2018.

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As it is known, the singer a few months ago confessed that since the age of 12 she was diagnosed with body dysmorphia, a disorder that makes people feel insecure about their physical appearance. Also, at that age he had an injury that forced Eilish to leave the dance, so he fell into a deep depression.

And, although the artist works to overcome this disease, she announced that in the middle of one of her trips for Berlin He almost killed himself. According to the young singer's statements, in 2018 he felt deeply unhappy. “Honestly, I came to think that I would not reach 17”, he said in the interview for that chain.

“I was alone in the hotel room and after realizing there was a window. I remember that I began to cry inconsolably at the thought of how I was going to die. I was determined to do it, ”Billie said about the moment when it occurred to her to take her own life.

However, thinking about his mother was what prevented Billie from making that tragic decision.

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Today Billie Eilish is one of the singers of most important pop in the world. Further, She is the first artist born in this millennium to achieve an album and a simple number one. Within the framework of his world tour 'Where Do We Go? World Tour ' included Colombia and will be presented next June 7, 2020, at the Movistar Arena.

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