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Belinda transforms into a sexy little clown to take the stage with ‘Los Caligaris’


Belinda transforms into a sexy little clown to take the stage with ‘Los Caligaris’

The singer showed the transformation process through her official Instagram account


Miquel Benitez / Getty Images

Belinda shared the madness with ‘The Caligaris’, who performed on Saturday night at the Sun Forum in Mexico City, where she was one of the guest artists of the Argentine band. To the rhythm of “Todos locos”, the singer took the stage to start her participation.

Minutes before the show, Belinda She was made up like a sexy little clown, and she let it be known through her official Instagram account, where she published a series of stories about the transformation process.

He first showed himself with his face painted and launched the question to his fans: “What will they be fixing me for ???”, Which managed to capture the attention of Internet users.

In the following clip, she showed when she was combed with pigtails and was also seen with an electronic cigarette.

Before going on stage and wearing a pink dress, she tried to calm her nerves accompanied by a mariachi, with whom she sang “Mexico beautiful and dear”, showing off her spectacular voice.

The most anticipated moment of the night arrived, and the coach of 'Mexico's voice' appeared before the 55 thousand attendees. Shaking his head, he took the stage on a platform that rose from below: “I missed rockin 'on stage, thanks” Y “What a bastard welcome”, Were some phrases with which he described his emotion.

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