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BBB 2020: With 75.54% of the votes, Lead is the first eliminated


BBB 2020: With 75.54% of the votes, Lead is the first eliminated

Lead was the first eliminated from BBB 2020 (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Lucas Lead received 75.54% of the vote and was the first to leave the BBB 2020, from Globo, on Tuesday night (28). The surfer disputed the wall with Bianca Andrade, who had only 24.46% of the public's preference to leave the house.

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After ending the voting for the hot rod, Tiago Leifert talked to the participants. “There are no more anonymous people in the house”, the presenter spoke. “Lead, what do you remember from that last week?”asked the animator.

“Of all, the vibe in this house is incredible. I never thought it would be like this ”, said the surfer. Following, Leifert questioned his rival: “Bia, how about you?”. The influencer replied: “Whatever I imagined I was going to do, I did the opposite. But I think that everything happened as it had to happen ”.

Then the presenter announced the result: “The assessment is all there. It is now that we are getting to know you. Leading Big Brother Brasil today is Chumbo ”.

Chumbo received the affection of his confining colleagues, and then they went to the garden and gave the surfer his last hug. “I will miss you a lot. No, don't go away… ”, the participants sang for Chumbo. “Thanks for everything. Love you”, declared the eliminated.

Upon leaving the confinement, he embraced the family and, soon after, talked to the global: “It is an incredible opportunity. Very grateful to be here today. Everything I experienced was intense, I'm an intense guy. I was me from the beginning, and I met amazing people inside the house, that I want to take with me for a lifetime. Thanks for the opportunity”.

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